How to Dress if You Gained a Few Pounds

You managed to gain a few pounds – No matter the reasons – stress, not respecting some classic rules like avoiding sweets and too much bread . of course, you are starting a diet but the problem won’t solve itself overnight. So, in how to dress, you need to hide, somehow the fat tissue.

Hiding the belly

When women gain a few ponds they usually deal with a great amount of water tissue on their abdomens. In this case you must avoid thigh blouses or sweaters. Just wear something with a “V” shaped décolleté to distract the attention from you belly. Dark colors are recommended because they create the optical impression of a slim siluette, so try to wear colors like: dark read, dark blue and black.

Fat tissue on you legs?

You can’t anymore close the zipper of your jeans? This doesn’t mean your belly grew up over night, it simply means you are wearing high pants. Try and wear some pants that are lower and also a sweater with medium length that will go down as far as your knees.


You should consider high-hells because even if you are a little chubby they will give you more confidence and they will create the sensation of a long leg therefore your siluette will appear slimmer.

And a last trick: hats, gloves, earrings and any kinds of accessories. The explanation is quite simple actually: when people around you will look at them their attention will be distracted from the things you don’t want them to see and this way you won’t have to deal with remarks like:” Did you gain some weight?”.

The key to hiding those extra pounds is to know the way you should dress. Choosing the right clothing will make you look unchanged until you manage to regain your ideal weight.




Business Fashion News You Can Use


The transition to business fashion wear can be pretty tricky sometimes.
You want to “WOW” your co-workers without going

It is important to remember that not all casual clothing is appropriate for business fashion wear.

In order to do this effectively, the sophisticated woman needs a few basic business fashion wear essentials.

· First, you’ll need simple flat-front pair of black pants. Black dress pants are versatile and can be dressed up or down as needed. An additional pair of khaki pants is also advisable.

· How about a straight skirt hanging just below the knees?
These skirts are
flattering and can be worn with a multitude of tops. Casual skirts that are split below the knee are acceptable in most businesses. Mini-skirts/dresses seem to be more acceptable nowadays in the office however how sophisticated can a mini skirt be?

· You’ll need a sleeveless, fitted solid colored dress that can be worn with a cardigan.

· Brightly colored fine knit sweaters can be worn with either pants or a skirt.

· A black cardigan is chic and easy to wear.

· A sexy shell in a neutral color looks fabulous under a jacket.

· A crisp white shirt always looks smart.

· A classic gray or black coat is also needed.

· Black pumps with an elegant heel can compliment just aboutany outfit.Flip-flops, slippers and flashy athletic shoes are not acceptable in the office.

· A simple black bag (to match the black pumps) also
compliments most outfits.

Remember that clothing that reveals too much cleavage, back,chest, feet, any of your stomach or underwear is not appropriate for the work place.

All clothing should be pressed and clean. No torn, dirty or frayed clothing is acceptable. The only picture or words that are acceptable on attire is the company logo.

On “dress down” days, it is a good idea to keep it conservative.Wear nice jeans with a solid top and heels.
Never wear anything which can be potentially offensive
to others.

There are many fabulous combinations you can create with a few basic pieces. Use your imagination and your co-workers will be so impressed they’ll start asking you for style advice!

The Small Extra Pocket in Your Jeans

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Jeans are a universal garment which can be worn for working, relaxing, and even going out with. While the bottoms have gone from resembling bells to becoming very skinny, overall the classic blue jean has definitely stood the test of time and is one of the most common forms of clothing worn to this day.

Many times when we think of jeans, we think Levi’s, and thus often attribute Levi Strauss & Co. as the one’s who invented the blue jean. While the denim itself was not invented by Levi, the style of the jean pant was. Levi Strauss and a tailor named Jacob Davis created the riveted jeans featuring the the copper rivets that reinforced the stress points on a piece of denim clothing.

Note the “Original Riveted” on the label.

Denim fabric and blue jeans actually date back much further. They originally came out of Genoa, Italy and Nimes, France around the 17th century. The weavers in Genoa made a fabric that is similar to today’s fabric.

How did the actual name “jeans” come about? Well, seeing as the French name for Genoa is Gênes, this likely is the origin of the modern name. As for the word “denim”, this likely came from the French version of the Genoan fabric called “de Nimes”.

The working class loved denim for it’s durabiltiy. Then in the 1950’s jeans exploded into popular culture with help from the Greaser subculture which was inspired by James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause.

While the jeans of today come in all shapes and sizes, there’s one thing they all have in common.

… This little extra pocket that usually seems too small to hold anything useful.


There may be a few designer exceptions, but the vast majority of jeans have them. Even mom jeans!

So what’s up with this tiny pocket? Well, there were not any wrist watches back then. Only pocket watches.

The small extra pocket in the jeans were for cowboys and other rugged types to safely store a pocket watch.

Okay fine, but why do jeans today still have that tiny pocket. Hardly anyone does pocket watches anymore. Have you seen a guy like this lately?

It did once have purpose, but now it is still there, seeminly purposeless. Kind of like an appendix.


Well, we’ve all stuffed a thing or two in them at least once right? Like a piece of candy…

Navy High Waist Sheath Skirt

It seems the pocket remains simply as fashion for the blue jean. Though it does have purpose like storing some change. Who knows, maybe our cell phones will become tiny again and we will have the perfect place to store them!

Blue Asymmetric Button Front Slit Pencil Denim Skirt




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