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Looking Good This Summer

Are you getting excited about the summer season. It’s that time of year for wearing fresh and feminine clothes. Let's talk a wee bit about Summer apparel must-haves to wear in your everyday life.
Watch out now, you are going to be be wowed by 2019's essentials. You're going to see  boiler suits which are now as fashionable as they are functional, and  light purple is seriously stylish, worn in the form of boots, dresses, coats or even head-to-toe ensembles,. Give it a go if you’re after something subtle yet exciting, bright accessories, denim basics, and more. In case you missed reading about some big fashion trends, red is really going to be popular and should definitely be a must-have.
As I mentioned above, this summer, women seem to be in love with the chevron trend, chevron is everywhere, starting from dresses, shorts, tops and skirts to beautiful accessories. Be ready to wear this print in real life by mixing and matching it with other prints. The great thing about chevron, it flatters most body types. You can wear black and white chevron shorts with bright red top and dark yellow jacket, or keep things glamourous and modern by teaming a multi-colored chevron print dress with a fuchsia shawl. Next trend is pastel colors. Personally, I love their soft and girly appearance that makes wearer look sweet and elegant. You can try on a mint scarf and style it with white a tailored blazer, pale colored top and cream-beige skirt or keep things more casual by teaming a chambray light blue shirt with blush skinny jeans. Pastels do look great with neutrals and dark hues. It’s essential to wear bold and bright accessories. I believe everyone likes to wear vibrant items. It’s the easiest way to make “your look” statement. Try on a bright light blue wide brim sun hat, yellow-blue chunky chain necklaces, big red bracelets, bright color handbags and golden chunky jewelry. All these items can liven up any neutral colored outfit. But don't forget it's very important not over-doing your outfit with bold accessories. Keep it less and elegant, than loud and misplaced. The blush is a pastel hue that can be discussed more specifically. This is an ideal color how you can make things look more romantic and sweet. Wear it on clothes, accessories or make-up. In other words wear it with whatever you like. There is one BUT, make sure the blush shade compliments your skin tone. Summertime is the season when it can suddenly become quite chilly outside, that’s why you should definitely have a denim jacket in your closet. Wear a light blue version on top of one of your sweet looking dresses, but you can also wear it with cute shorts or skirts..Well, I'm stopping at this point. Hope this helps you to look your best.
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