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Top 10 Best Jeans Brands in The World

When humans invented clothing, different parts of the world started using different type of clothes. Jeans  basically started in Western society for those mine diggers and the ones who worked in extreme conditions, years later it was made available for everyone because of it durableness and also because it’s trendy all the time. Right now there are thousands of companies manufacturing jeans and it’s available all over the world.

Given below is a list of top 10 best Jeans brands 2018 in the world.

10. 7 for all Mankind

Best Jeans Brands

This one is the most recently introduced company in the market which was established in the year 2000. The motto was to produce clothes only for women but now it makes a vast variety of clothing like shorts, skirts and jackets etc. Their products are very much valued and they are an international brand which is available in more than 80 countries all over in Asia, Europe and many others. The most exclusive jeans of this brand is of $298.

9. APO Jeans

Best Jeans Brands

This company produces jeans which are as expensive as $4000 made up of diamonds and gold on it. This is a very famous luxurious jeans brand. They are know for their silk pockets and also it’s enchantment using stone, diamond and gold. They are best known for their quality and service. They even provide customized clothes which customers appreciate.

8. Escada

Best Jeans Brands

This company was established in the year 1978 and it is best known for its services such as customizing the detailing of their products according to the requirements of the customers. They are known to provide diamonds and golden buttons according to need. This company is basically an American based company. The most expensive jean of this brand is worth about $10000 with Swarovski stones on them. .

7. Earnest Sewn Custom Fit

Best Jeans Brands

This is a very famous brand which also offers their customers a customized product to make them look different. The company also offer commodity with some stones and gold chains on them to make them more formal. The company is known to provide product on exact measurements and makes them fit on their waist. The most expensive product of this brand costs almost $1,000 which was made according to the requirements.

6. Levi Strauss & Co.501

Best Jeans Brands


This company is a world famous denim company also referred as the father of all jeans. This brand has given a new name to the merchandise industry in the whole world.   Their product can be seen in the wardrobe of every person. Their most expensive commodity was auctioned at very high price tag of $60,000, which cannot be imagine about jeans. Not that their history ends here but some of their other products were also sold at very high prices of almost $36,000 and $46,000 as well.

5. Secret Circus

Best Jeans Brands

This is a very famous brand all over the world in term of most luxurious jeans in the world. The company is known to have some different styles and designs as well which is most liked by the people. The unique products by them are very classy and are further enhanced with diamonds on pockets which is their unique style. The company often comes with some different and unique features in commodity. This is only company which has its commodities being sold for almost $1.3 million which is very high price and no other brand could match it in this. Thus this brand is in 5th position in the list of Best Selling Jeans Brands in The World 2018.

4. Roberto Cavalli Jeans

Best Jeans Brands

The company is a very famous designer trademark and very expensive as well.  All other brands in this list are manufacturers but this is famous designer. It is very famous brand for luxurious clothing brand in the world and their commodities are also very famous but are available at high price tag. Roberto Caballo jeans are the most famous brand in the upper class. Their normal products are also equipped with some stones to make them formal. Their most expensive products were sold for $1,200. This brand is known to be used by Jessica Serah.

3. Dolce & Gabbana

Best Jeans Brands

This company is one of the very famous luxurious trademark and needs no introduction.  Their dungarees are available in different styles but at a very high price tag. They also offer a separate range of jeans in faded material.  Very well known among them is the most famous trademark is butterfly. Their most expensive product cost almost $1,200. They also have their logo on the back pocket to make their products different.

2. Guess

Best Jeans Brands

Guess is an American upscale brand and retailer. Guess Jeans is one of the most renowned and expensive jeans brands. Beside clothing Guess also provides a wide range of accessories like perfumes, watches and jewelry. But the brand is considered to the most selling jeans for men. The brand is most popular among the upper middle society. The brand is known for the manufacturing of expensive clothing range for men.

1. Gucci

Best Jeans Brands

They are known for their production of most expensive every fashionable items. It was established in the year 1921. It is an Italian based company. They are named as the most expensive product in the Guinness world record. The minimum price of their commodities are about $600 and it even produces jeans worth $3100.

Thus this is the list of top ten best selling jeans brands 2018 all over the world. There might be many number of jeans brands but these are the best ones.if at all you are a fashionable person and wanna try all these jeans. Go , and get them from your closest mall but make sure that you care loads of money.

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